Core ADAS Courses:

We are the only Australian school capable of offshore training and one of only two schools in the world that can train saturation divers in the water. CDA specialises in offering a range of IMCA & ADAS approved commercial dive courses designed to bring your skills to industry standard.

The First level of Dive certification as a commercial diver. Total Study Time of this commercial dive course is 4 weeks. A great option for scientific divers and all divers looking to complete the core dive training. This course is SCUBA only 

The second step in your progression. This commercial dive course introduces the use of SSBA as the basis for underwater construction activities. Therefore it is a must have certification for those looking to become onshore divers. 

The next progressive step from ADAS Part Two. This Commercial Dive course enables qualified divers to work offshore as well as operate a chamber. Therefore This commercial dive course is a must have for international or offshore work (IMCA recognised).

Saturation Training:

We recommend all dive students who come to our school to consider the possibility of completing there closed bell training (Part 4) one day in the distant future

This Commercial dive course is a progressive step from ADAS Part 3 and trains divers in the use of closed diving bells and chamber complexes. Therefore this is the commercial dive course that allows you to work as a saturation diver.

Dive Support Courses:

At the Commercial Dive Academy, we offer a range of support courses. Three diver support stand outs are the Diver Medic Technician (Medic Support), Life Support Technician (Advanced and standard) and ADAS and IMCA Chamber operator.

This program prepares individuals to work as a part of a bell dive team or work with a saturation diving complex. ADAS and IMCA recognised. This is also offered as part of the closed bell training course.

The Diver Medic Technician certificate is offered for both offshore and onshore environments. ADAS and IMCA recognised. This is a must do course to work as a diver support or Diver medic.

The Chamber operator course is a standalone program for divers or non-divers and is focused on the maintenance and operation of decompression chambers. All Part 3 divers must therefore hold this certificate.

ADAS supervisor Courses:

Whether youd like to work offshore or onshore, we have a Supervisor course to bring your skills to a new level.

A course for Divers who are looking to supervise Dive work safely and competently using either Scuba or SSBA. This commercial dive course is IMCA and ADAS Recognised. Therefore allowing you to supervise all around the world. CDA’s Supervisor course has therefore been updated to reflect standards required by the oil majors internationally. The supervisor course is taught by Alan Strong, who has worked for Shell Oil, Mobil Exon, Diamond Offshore, SMIT and SVITZER salvage. 

This commercial dive course if the final step in the supervisor certification process for air supervisors and is an examination process only. The certification is IMCA and ADAS recognised and therefore accepted internationally by all the oil Majors.


There are two levels of recognition offered at CDA for Those divers with lots of experience. The first is RPL.The second is RPL EC, which is for divers with at least five years experience and thus a wider range of experience in construction than an RPL student.

Companies can contact us any time to schedule and RPL or RPL EC, subject to numbers we can run these at any time.

RPL is the acknowledgement of competencies obtained through formal training, work experience and life experience. IMCA and ADAS recognised. This is for individuals with at least two years experience. These divers must have met certain dive requirements but do not meet the varied construction experience of an RPL EC candidate. 

Recognised Prior learning Exceptional Circumstances is for students with over 5 years existing experience obtained through formal training, work experience and life experience. IMCA and ADAS recognised. This commercial dive course is great for companies who have divers needing formal certification. We have trained divers from Smit, Ardent, Mobil Exon and Shell in 2018

Industry Courses:

For divers looking to acquire a specific skill to add to their CV, the Commercial Dive Academy can help!

This commercial dive course is a restricted version of the Core ADAS Part 1 – Occupational Scuba to 30M – and involves students partaking in light work, surveying and sampling tasks. Ideally suited for scientific divers

This Commercial dive course is a restricted version of the Core ADAS Part 2 – SSBA to 30M. This course is ideal for divers looking to extend their expertise beyond the scope of Part 1 but not include the use of construction tools. 

The Aquaculture SSBA to 30 metre commercial dive course is specifically designed by the Australian seafood industry therefore if you want to work on a fish farm this is a great option and can progress into ADAS part two

Remote Operated Vehicle training (ROV) will enable trainees to operate ROV’s succinctly. The ROV course is currently undergoing ADAS and IMCA compliance to become ADAS and IMCA approved in the near future.

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