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ADAS Aquaculture to SSBA to 30 M

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ADASAquaculture SSBA to 30 M - Course Overview

This is a great option to start your commercial dive career. Australia has a booming Aquaculture industry with high demand for new divers in Port Lincolns tuna farms and Tasmias Salmon Farms.

The Aquaculture SSBA to 30m course was requested by the Australian seafood industry to meet its legislative requirement for ADAS training for tuna, salmon and farm diving operations.

The emphasis of the course is to train recreational qualified SCUBA divers to working safely and effectively as members of a diving team, on surface supply. The training is on modern light weight full face masks with effective communications, to successfully achieve a variety of light manual work tasks required of seafood divers.

It comprises an abridged version of the Part 1 theory combined with the SSBA equipment theory from the Part 2 course. The practical component consists of an expanded number of relatively short SSBA dives focussed on the limited set of Aquaculture skills. This course can run side by side with any ADAS part one or ADAS part two course.

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