ADAS Dive Supervisor

The Second level of certification as a commercial Diver

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ADAS and IMCA Onshore Dive Supervisor Course

This is the first level of certification as an ADAS dive supervisor and the level issued can be up to the highest ADAS certification you hold. The Dive Supervisor is the member of a professional diving team who is responsible for the diving operations safety and the management of the operation within the scope of diving.

A skilled dive supervisor will ensure that the planned operation is carried out smoothly and in accordance with AS 2815.5 and ASNZ 2299.1

AT CDA our dive supervisor course is taught by Alan Strong, A commercial Diving veteran with over 18 years experience teaching, and recent experience managing dive operations on sites such as, Mobil Exon, Shell oil and other Oil Majors. Our Onshore dive supervisor course is taught at the highest level possible reflecting industry standards offshore, all though the course is for onshore, it is believed by training dive supervisors at a higher level than is required, we will provide a level of exceleence of all ADAS and IMCA qualified CDA dive supervisors.

At the commercial dive academy we are proud to offer onshore dive supervisor courses for:

1. Occupation Scuba to 30 M
2. SSBA to 30 M
3. SSBA to 50 M
4. Aquaculture Supervisor to 30 M

Feedback from a recent supervisor

"I’m part way through my trainee supervisors course. The one thing I was fearful about was the physics component. I’ve spent a lot of long nights trying to get my head around all the formulae needed. Today in a matter of hours I have had everything explained in such a way that I’m confident that I’ll pass. Best teachers teaching best practice. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else"
Michael Cook
Dive Supervisor

ADAS and IMCA Offshore Dive Supervisor Course

CDA is the only ADAS and IMCA approved school able to train at this level. Here you will receive the training and qualification to start your offshore dive supervising career. Either air or air and bell.

The ADAS Trainee Offshore Supervisor course (either Air and/or Air & Bell) is designed for the offshore diver who also holds the SSBA to 50m supervisor certification and has relevant Offshore Supervisor skills and knowledge, to commence gaining the requisite offshore industry experience under the close supervision of an appropriately qualified supervisor.


Most frequent questions and answers

The Onshore and offshore Dive Supervisor courses are essential to work in a supervisory role. These are the courses for the individuals wondering, where to next? A commercial diving career, whilst full of highlights and adventure, does not last forever, as our bodies age the abilitiy to do physical labour slowly diminishes. The Dive Supervisor is the logical progression in the diving career

Onshore work in the Australia as well as the wider region of Asia, Pacific is in a major shortage. There is a high demand for diver supervisors onshore in Australia at the moment and job opportunities are high.

The total cost for a dive supervisor course is $3,000. if you are doing ONshore and offshore courses in one go the total cost is $4,500 and the duration is increased by one week to a total of three weeks.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age at the time of commencement
  • Hold a current diving medical (AS/NZS 2299.1)
  • Hold a recognised certificate of recreational diving (E.G PADI Open Water) 
  • Have at least 10 dives logged in the last 6 months
  • Hold a current First aid and 02 provider certification
  • Able to understand Written and verbal communication in English

All you have to do is click on enroll today or contact us.

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