ADAS Life Support Technician

The best add-on course to go with ADAS part three

combined years of experience
1 %
employment rate in 2018

ADAS and IMCA Approved Life Support Technican (ALST and LST)

This course is going to be the best add-on course you can do to go with your Part 3 (SSBA to 50 mtrs) course to get you straight into the offshore oil and gas industry. It allows you to work as a sat support person and learn how to run the sat living quarters and control panel, working on a real saturation system running the environmental control units, handling the gases for saturation diving and doing TUP (transfers under pressure). So many divers first job in the oil and gas industry is as a sat support/ ALST person. That’s where you will get the biggest advantage over students that train at a school that only offers the air diving level.

This course is the best way to progress from Part 1, 2 and 3 if you intend working offshore in the oil and gas industry. When combined with the Assistant Life Support Technician course these industry recognised ADAS qualifications give a new Commercial Diver the very best chance of gaining your first job in the offshore industry. CDA divers who complete ALST with us get priority and are guaranteed a spot in the next available Diver Medic Technician course.

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