ADAS Scuba To 30 M

The First level of certification as a commercial Diver

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ADAS and IMCA Scuba to 30 M (ADAS Part One)

The Occupational SCUBA to 30m qualification (ADAS and IMCA Part 1) is the first level of certification as a commercial diver. It is intended to establish occupational scuba diving skills as part of the training for construction divers and is the occupational SCUBA qualification for police, marine archaeology, scientific research, media, and engineering inspection diving. It is also a prerequisite before moving on to Part 2 SSBA (Surface supplied Breathing Apparatus) This course is the best place to start if you intend working offshore in the oil and gas industry. When combined with Parts 2, 3 and the Assistant Life Support Technician courses these industry recognised ADAS qualifications give a new Commercial Diver the very best chance of gaining your first job in the offshore industry. CDA divers who complete Part 1 with us get priority and are guaranteed a spot in the next available Part 2 course.


Most frequent questions and answers

The Occupational Scuba to 30m qualification (part 1) is the first level of certification as a commercial diver. This course is a pre requisite for the next level course (part 2)

The part one course limits the diver to using hand tools or conducting inspections in no decompression dives with direct access to the surface. It is suitable for divers looking to work in, photography, media, inspection, and sciences.

The total cost of part one is $7,000. This can be funded through student loans

  • You must be at least 18 years of age at the time of commencement
  • Hold a current diving medical (AS/NZS 2299.1)
  • Hold a recognised certificate of recreational diving (E.G PADI Open Water) 
  • Have at least 10 dives logged in the last 6 months
  • Hold a current First aid and 02 provider certification
  • Able to understand Written and verbal communication in English

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