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Often called Saturation diving or mixed gas deep diving

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ADAS Closed Bell Diver (Saturation / Mixed Gas)

The ADAS Closed Bell diver (Part 4) qualification is the most advanced of the commercial diving qualifications and enables the diver to work in the construction diving industry to a maximum of 300m using underwater tools, breathing apparatus and techniques including the use of closed bells and saturation systems.

The Commercial Dive Academy is one of only two schools in the world that currently offer IMCA approved in water Saturation training.

CDA is also the only ADAS school to offer ADAS part four.

ADAS part Four is a progressive step from ADAS Part 3 and trains divers in the use of closed diving bells and chamber complexes.

By the end of the ADAS closed bell mixed gas course you will be able to dive using a closed bell and breathing artificial gas mixtures in air-range dives and dives deeper than 50 metres and respond to emergencies in the water, bell or chamber when acting as a diver or another member of the diving team.

The training will culminate in the diver being placed into saturation with one dive being completed to a depth of approximately 100 metres.

During the course a complimentary ALST (Assistant Life Support Technician) course will be offered for free. Following the conclusion of the course a complimentary DMT (Diver Medic Technician course) will run, the DMT top up is 5 days long, and the full DMT course is two weeks.

Feedback from an ADAS Saturation Diver

I have known and worked with the main instructors for over 16 yrs as a saturation diver , they have trained me my whole career and are by far the best in the industry.No other training centre has the facilities , courses and knowledge to get you where you want to be in the industry.
ADAS Offshore Saturation Diver Alex Aspin
Alex Aspin
Offshore Saturation Diver

Closed Bell Prerequisites

In Addition to the seven typical pre-requisites of a normal ADAS course. 

candidates must ensure they meet the stringent ADAS requirements before enrolling on the course.

to the right is a detailed outline of these pre requisites


Current ADAS Part Three Ticket

The diving candidate must hold a current ADAS Part Three ticket and have held this ticket for a minimum of 12 months.

The date of graduating with an ADAS part three ticket must be submitted to ADAS when applying for your part four ticket

100 logged offshore dives

To be eligible for the course, you must have at least 100 logged dives with a minimum total bottom time of 100 hours.

These dives must be recorded and in a formal diver's daily logbook.

Some dives can be completed onshore at a part two level. if you need info on this do not hesitate to contact us at CDA.

The Dives must be on Surface Supply Equipment and in open water.
The Dives must not be undertaken in training and must be in the work force.

meet normal entry requirements

you must have a current, first aid, 02 and Diving medical.
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Closed Bell Competencies (UNITS)

During the Three week course, you will be taught a number of units of competencies that can go towards diplomas and certifications. The units on the Closed Bell (Saturation / mixed gas) ADAS part four course are:

  • ADAHYP401A Work safely in hyperbaric operations
  • ADAHYP402A Maintain effective working relationships within dive or hyperbaric operations team
  • FSKNUM14 Calculate with whole numbers and familiar fractions, decimals and percentages for work
  • BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others
  • ADABEL421A Carry out pre-dive preparations in closed bell diving operations
  • ADABEL422A Undertake underwater deployment in closed bell diving operations
  • ADABEL423A Implement emergency procedures in closed bell diving operations
  • ADABEL424A Conduct post-dive procedures in closed bell diving operations
  • ADABEL425A Ensure health and safety in closed bell diving in compliance with legislation and guidance
  • ADABEL476A Apply first aid within a chamber and bell
  • ADABEL477A Complete chamber surface procedures
  • ADABEL478A Maintain effective working relationships in closed bell diving operations
  • ADADIV474A Work safely in offshore diving operations
  • Elective: SISOSCB317A Complete a dive using Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx)
  • Elective: ADASSB458A Use enriched air nitrox in occupational diving operations
A CDA profesional construction diver in thailand
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