The Third level of certification as a commercial Diver

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ADAS and IMCA SSBA to 30 M (ADAS Part Three)

The SSBA to 50m (Part 3) certification is a progressive step from ADAS Part 2 and increases the diver’s ability to operate under working situations including the use of wet bells, deck decompression chambers and other work related subjects to meet offshore diving industry requirements. This is the start to working offshore in the oil and gas industry and combined with the Assistant life support Technician course gives the best chance at gaining employment in the offshore industry The objective of Part 3 training is to prepare Part 2 Divers to both safely and competently:

1. dive on SSBA to depths of 50m
2. use hydraulic tools at depths to 50m
3. conduct decompression dives using in water decompression and SurDO2
4. act as chamber operators
5. dive using hot water suits and operate hot water generators
6. engage in diving operations using wet bells as an in-water standby diver and surface standby dive
7. gives direct access to do Saturation Support ALST Assistant Life Support Technician course
8. gives you the best qualification available to get your first Offshore Job

This course is the best way to progress from Part 1 and 2 if you intend working offshore in the oil and gas industry. When combined with the Assistant Life Support Technician courses these industry recognised ADAS qualifications give a new Commercial Diver the very best chance of gaining your first job in the offshore industry. CDA divers who complete Part 3 with us get priority and are guaranteed a spot in the next available ALST course.


Most frequent questions and answers

The Occupational Scuba to 50m qualification (part 3) is the third level of certification as a commercial diver. This course allows the diver to work up to 50 metres and offshore as well as enabling the safe operation of a hyperbaric chamber.

The part three course allows offshore work up to 50 metres as well as all on shore work part two enabled up to the depth of 50 metres. the diver may work in salvage, inspection, oil fields and more

The total cost of part three is $11,000 as a standalone. if completing part three as a combo with part one and two, the cost is reduced to $7000. This can be funded through student loans

  • You must be at least 18 years of age at the time of commencement
  • Hold a current diving medical (AS/NZS 2299.1)
  • Hold a part two certification
  • Hold a current First aid and 02 provider certification
  • Able to understand Written and verbal communication in English

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