Who is ADAS

Internationally recognised

ADAS Stands for the Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme. with personnel employed all around the world and reciprocation with other equivalent national schemes. ADAS has become the world’s foremost international occupational diver certification scheme.

ADAS SSBA Part Three Diver

ADAS' Mission

ADAS is the words foremost (we like to say best) international occupational diver certification schemes. What this means is that ADAS train divers and hyperbaric (under pressure) workers both nationally and internationally.

ADAS qualifications have global recognition and acceptance, and has reciprocation with all of the major Dive training schemes. 

To become one of the world leaders ADAS focused on being highly creative, effective and comprehensive in there training methodology and have set the benchmark for safe, efficient and innovative training.

Today ADAS have a comprehensive scope dedicated to enhancing the occupational diving industry. This scope encompasses:

1. The development of training courses to meet industry needs
2. The certification of divers
3. The accreditation of ATE’s
4. Ongoing national and international lobbying for the improved safety of divers
5. active engagement in international forums to promote the mobility of ADAS licence holders around the world through increased recognition and acceptance of the ADAS licence.

in short, ADAS is the world leading diver accreditation scheme that proudly lays claim to being at the forefront in terms of providing extensive support to its divers and other certification holder.

ADAS is your global license to dive

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"ADAS has the mission to provide international accreditation for hyperbaric workers"

ADAS reciprication

ADAS is spoilt when in it comes to international recognition.

Upon completion of the certificate, you can “cross over” to all of the major players.

Those with these tickets can also get cross over recognition with ADAS.

ADAS also has reciprocation with the South African DOL ticket, for all those who received this ticket before 2010

United Kingdom - HSE

The health and safety executive has the mission to prevent work-related death, injury and ill health and has two way cross over with ADAS

Canada - DCBC

the Diver Certification Board of Canada's vision is of an internationally recognised national certification scheme for the occupational diving industry and has two way cross over with ADAS

France - INPP

The National institute of professional Diving is a french based dive certification and has two way cross over with ADAS

Norway PSA

The PSA has regulatory responsibility for safety, emergency preparedness and the working environment in the petroleum activities, including petroleum facilities and associated pipeline systems and has two way cross over with ADAS

Netherlands - NDC

The NDC is a dutch diving regulatory body that has two way cross over with ADAS.


Ian Milliner ADAS Company Director, project Manager and trainer

Ian Milliner


Ian is a generalist business, project and training manager, with extensive experience in the maritime, subsea and logistics industries

Rob Gatt ADAS Board member and ADAS executive Director

Rob Gatt

ADAS Executive Director

Rob was a member of the Victoria Police from 1982 – 2010 and spent much of his career as part of the Victoria Police Search and Rescue Squad (an ADAS Training Establishment).

Alan Strong a member of the ADAS Board of Directors

Alan Strong

General Manager of CDA

Alan has accumulated over 25 years’ experience in the Commercial Diving industry in diverse environments and applications from oil rigs to preparing Viaduct Harbour for the America’s Cup and managing much of the Rena Salvage Operation off Tauranga

Ian Bray a member of the ADAS board of directors

Ian Bray

Assistant National Secretary of MUA

Ian has been a Seafarer since 1985, and a Union Official since 2003 first as the WA Assistant Branch Secretary until 2009 and currently as Assistant National Secretary of MUA. Ian has a diverse background in workplace Occupational Health and Safety and been on the board of WAT transport.

Amanda Sordes ADAS Board of directors university dive officer

Amanda Sordes

University Dive Officer

Amanda holds two Masters degrees in Environmental Protection and Management. Amanda started her career in Scotland as an environmental consultant. Having dived recreationally since age 17, she retrained as a commercial diver in early 2011 in Scotland.

Since then She has supervised a great variety of scientific projects, from shark tagging to sediment coring. Amanda has also gained Onshore Supervisor and ATAM certifications

Sarah Lockley ADAS Board Of Director and Senior medical officer

Sarah Lockley

Senior Medical Officer – Royal Australian Navy

Sarah began her career as an assistant nurse, personal care assistant, and scientific officer before gaining a Bachelor of Medicine (Hons) in 2002.

Since that time, Sarah has continued to expand her knowledge and skills in hyperbaric medicine, including being deployed to the Arabian Gulf as a medical officer, and is currently active as a Royal Australian Navy senior medical officer and a civilian General Practitioner

Paul Masters ADAS Board of Directors and SubSea operations manager

Paul Masters

Subsea Operations Manager

After several years as a senior recreational diving instructor, Paul began full time in the commercial diving industry in 2000. Since that time Paul has worked across a broad range of roles throughout the industry.

Currently Paul is the Subsea Operations Manager for Bhagwan Marine, the major supplier of vessels and other services to the Australian offshore oil and gas industry.

Greg Hodge ADAS Board of directors and principal of pacific managment partners

Greg Hodge

Principal, Pacific Management Partners

Greg is the principal of Pacific Management Partners Pty Limited and has held numerous senior executive leadership positions at the Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager levels in the services, high technology development, telecommunications, industrial, maritime and Defence domains delivering to both Government and industry customers.

Shane mcDonnell ADAS Board Of Directors and president of association of diving contractors NZ

Shane McDonnell

President – Association of Diving Contractors New Zealand

Shane’s commitment to the occupational diving industry was recognised in 2017 when he was appointed as a Diving Industry Advisory Group (DIAG) representative on the WorkSafe New Zealand advisory board, and most recently Shane has been elected as president of the Association of Diving Contractors New Zealand (ADCNZ)

Peter Sieniewicz ADAS Board of directors

Peter Sieniewicz

Technical Adviser – Diving for the International Marine Contractors Association

Peter Sieniewicz has been lead diving technical advisor for the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) since 2012 which sees him draw on his 14 years of experience as a specialist diving inspector for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the United Kingdom

CDA is an ADAS School

“CDA is the only ADAS and IMCA school to offer training from Beggining Scuba to deep offshore diving”

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