The only Dive Academy with 100 % job placement

Here at CDA we believe in making dreams a reality. All of our staff have had the chance to live and breathe diving, from shipwrecks and salvage to Offshore Oil rigs and Tuna cowboys. We have each experienced the unbelievable and aspire to allow you to do the same.

As far as we are aware we are the only dive academy that can boast a 100 percent job placement rate across all our diving courses from day one of operation to today!

ADAS Part One Two and Three students and all into work!
January - March 2020 CDA ADAS Part One, Two and Three Students after the pool assesment

CDA - Tasmaninan Bussiness Excellence Export Award Winner

Export Award Winners Tasmania

The resilience of the Commercial Dive Academy was recognised in 2021 at the Tasplan business excellence awards. Pictured above, Alan, susan and Tasport Sponsor Kate proudly received the excellence in export award.

In 2018, 19 and 20 CDA issued over 500 Diver certifications and found employment for every student that chose CDA as there training provider. Tasplan recognised both our results for students as well as ability to work dynamically with employers across the globe to export skills that they felt were unrivalled across Australia in a myriad of industries from, civil construction, science, salvage, aquaculture and military operations.

CDA aspires to offer worlds best practice in training solutions for the hyperbaric industry and each day, more and more organisations are recognising our sucess and worlds highest level of dive training.

Why choose the Commercial Dive Academy?

We set you up to stay ahead of your competitors

100% Job Placement

CDA graduates are in demand with employers across many disciplines. 100% of our students in 2018 / 2019 and 2020 were placed into work.

Trusted Knowledge

CDA is widely supported around the world. In 2019 companies sponsored over 100 students on our ADAS Part One, Two & Three dive courses.

Great Pay

CDA graduates have the highest average sallary of any Australian Diving school and possibly the world

CDA has a combined training staff of 10 tutors across our full range of courses. Our ten tutors are from a combined six different countries and three continents,

The cultural diversity at CDA and our willingness to provide training for a wide range of client needs is what has led to CDA being the diving school of choice in Australia. This is why around 90 percent of all Commercial Dive Training and company sponsorship is through CDA.

In 2019 over 100 students of CDA were sponsored by companies from a wide range of industries. We believe we are the only diving school in the world to receive this level of industry support. This support is a large reason why CDA is the only Diving school in the world that can boast a 100% job placement rate.


Founder of CDA


I loved diving and my career in the industry, my hope is that all my children become commercial divers and have far greater success than I ever could have dreamed of. If I could go back, the only part of my career I would change is doing this sooner.


Head Air Tutor

Stephen Clark

Steve is not just a pretty face. He has over 30 years offshore diving and supervising with 19 years teaching through ADAS and HSE at Fort Williams (Scottland.)

Steve wears many hats including being CDA’s HSE Manager and head air diving tutor.


Located in Tasmania the Commercial Dive Academy is proud to offer the widest range of qualifications of any ADAS & IMCA certified dive school in the world.

World Class FAcilities

The Commercial Dive Academy – CDA – facility was initially set up by the Commonwealth Government in 1993 to meet the increasing demand for offshore Oil, Gas and Marine Divers. It was set up at to a world class standard as only governments can afford to do.

In 2019, CDA completed a full upgrade and refurbishment of their saturation barge facilities which entailed installing a hyperbaric rescue chamber & gas reclaim system.

Industry Endorsement

In 2019, over 100 students attending our courses were sponsored by companies.

CDA has trained sponsored students at all levels, including scientific training for Australian Universities to construction training for companies in Oil and Gas, Salvage, Aquaculture and onshore construction.

CDA offer the widest range of dive courses of any commercial dive school. CDA specialises in equipping divers with the skills and knowledge to excel in the workforce. 

100% Employment Rate

The Commercial Dive Academy trains hundreds of divers each year, CDA prides itself on its unmatched employment rate and will help in anyway it can in the employment process of a graduated student. 

“the first day after the Commercial Dive course ended. I was working and earning $800 a day.”

– Beau Hogan ( CDA GRADUATE 2019 )


CDA employs the best in the game. With connections all over the world CDA has the ability to source the best tutors and dive specialist for all its courses.

Mr. Alan

Director / Operational Manager

Stephen Clark

HSE Manager

Roger Dennerly

Saturation Tutor

Meisam Gholampour

Dive Technician

Mohammed Edwida

ADAS Tutor