About CDA

 CDA is proud to offer the widest range of qualifications of any ADAS & certified school; from beginner divers (Part 1) through to saturation divers (Part 4).

World Class Systems

The Commercial Dive Academy – CDA – facility was initially set up by the Commonwealth Government in 1993 to meet the increasing demand for offshore Oil, Gas and Marine Divers. It was set up at the highest (world class) level as only Governments can afford to do.

In 2019, CDA has just completed a full upgrade and refurbishment of our Saturation barge which entailed installing a hyberbaric rescue chamber, TUP Piece and Clamping.

Commercial Diving Bell
CDA SSBA diving Graduates

100 Percent Employment

Not only does CDA offer  the widest range of qualifications and train the largest amount of divers in Australasia, but we proudly boast a 100 percent Employment rate for graduates of all levels of training in 2018 and 2019.

As far as we are aware, we are the only Commercial Diving school in the world with these results.

The majority of our graduates will enter into civil and construction work with the rest dispersed across industries such as aquaculture, science, and media

Industry endorsement

In 2019, over 100 students attending our courses were sponsed by companies.

This a testament to our world class systems and being the world leaders in diving training.

We believe that we are the only dive school in the world recieving this level of industry endorsement and support.

We have had sponsored students on all levels of training, including scientific training for Australian Universities to construction training for companies in Oil and Gas, Salvage, Aquaculture and onshore construction.

ADAS & IMCA Dive Traners with there surface supplied diving graduates

Meet the Team

Alan Strong - Owner

alan strong photo


Alan holds over 30 years experience in the Diving, Oil and Gas industry. 18 of these have been as a tutor and assessment manager for ADAS.

Alan was the founder of the New Zealand School of Commercial Dive Training and developed the school until its sale in 2011. Following this Alan worked with a company in Singapore to become a leading service provider to the Oil and Gas sector throughout all of Asia being both Shell DCOE and Exxon Mobbil approved.

Today Alan is fufilling his life long dream of running one of the only saturation schools in the world and using his knowledge of the offshore sector to ellevate training at CDA beyond that offered at any other school


A father of six children and married to Susan, Alan cares deeply for his entire family and brings these family values into the Commercial Dive Academy Ethos


Alan is very sport minded and a petrol headed individual. In his offdays it is likely he is racing motorcross or out relaxing on his Honda Africa road bike

Stephen Clark - HSE Manager

Stephen Clark is a sexy Commercial Diver


Stephen Clark holds over 30 years experience in the Diving, Oil and Gas industry. Steve has been a tutor for ADAS, HSE and IMCA for 19 years.


Steve (Like half the team at CDA) loves his motorbikes and a day at the school is likely a day walking past his bike

Mohamed Ewida - ADAS Tutor

Mo Ewida Commercial Diver


Mohamed Ewida holds over 20 years experience in the Diving, Oil and Gas industry. 10 of these have been as a tutor for ADAS.


Mo is (in his own words) “a godly water polo player”, playing professionally in Egypt for six years, before deciding diving was the life for him.

To set the benchmark in safety and efficiency in the marine, oil and gas industry, CDA employs the best in the game. With connections all over the world CDA has the ability to source the best tutors and dive specialist for all its courses.   


Nivi is eager to up our enrollment game to the highest level. Nivi is currently studying part time an IT degree with the Tasmanian University.
Nivi Nair
Michael is the Saturation technician working on the various dive gear, hailing from the UK he is sure to love you if you supply him with his daily tea fix. Though, he will not be impressed if you offer him an Earl Grey.
Michael Cook Diving Supervisor CDA
Michael Cook
Saturation Technician
Michael joined the team at CDA in July 2018, bringing with him a useless piece of paper (finance degree) and some lofty ideas of business development, he is the friendly face you will see in the office each day.
Michael Strong
Quality Assurance
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