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To meet legislative requirements of the Australia Seafood Industry, ADAS has introduced this Aquaculture course SSBA to 30M. This Certificate offers training needed for diving operations in the seafood industry, such as; Tuna, Salmon and various other fish farming operations. This ADAS Certificate is a great addition to any commercial divers CV.

This course combines theory from Part 1 and equipment theory from Part 2 and a practical component consisting of an expanded number of relatively short SSBA dives focussed on the limited set of Aquaculture skills.

The ADAS Aquaculture course also meets the requirements of the diving units of competency of theSeafood Industry Training Package SF111 and can therefore be used to meet the legislative need for accredited diver training for the salmon farming industry in Tasmania and South Australia. The course also meets the needs of accredited training for the Queensland Aquaculture industry, in particular the Beche De Mer and Cray fishing sectors in the Torres Strait.

Successful completion of this course results in the partial following Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification: Certificate IV in Hyperbaric Operations (Seafood industry diving) National Qualification Code: 11006NAT awarded by ADAS, RTO number 88104

More information regarding unit standards, course competencies & prerequisites can be found on the ADAS website: Click Here

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

The ADAS Aquaculture diving course is a course specifically for those who want to work in the Aquaculture industry and primarily aimed at those wanting to work on fish farms.

The ADAS Part Two SSBA to 30 Metre course is always recommended as your first option of course due to the higher versatility and accessibility of jobs however if cost is a primary factor on choosing courses then the ADAS Aquaculture course is your best low cost with a job outcome course (when compared to ADAS Part one)

Student Pre-Requisites

To enrol on our ADAS Aquaculture course or our ADAS Part one ticket you will need any recreational dive certificate such as padi, Naui or SSI

To meet the AS/NZS 2299.1 and ADAS requirements anyone who joins a course at CDA, or any other ADAS school is required to have a current first aid, 02 provider and CPR certification.
in general if the card has first aid on it, and the course was about a day long. it is likely this will be accepted. though if you are not sure if your first aid ticket is accepted, you can contact us any time to find out.

Before we can allow anyone to dive, they must hold an occupational dive medical. I am sure you have AS/NZS 2299.1 memorised now, and you guessed right. your medical, needs to be in accordance with this standard.
Because of this, the doctor who assesses you for medical fitness is required to be trained in hyperbaric medicine and certified as an occupational diving doctor.

you can find dive doctors using the SPUMS website below

Units of Competency

  • BSBWHS211 Contribute to health and safety of self and others
  • NAT11006001 Work safely in hyperbaric operations
  • NAT11006002 Maintain effective working relationships within dive or hyperbaric operations team
  • NAT11006062 Work effectively in the occupational diving industry
  • NAT11006065 Apply knowledge of basic physics, anatomy, physiology and psychology to hyperbaric work
  • SFIDIV301 Work effectively as a diver in the seafood industry
  • SFIDIV302 Perform diving operations using SSBA
  • SFIDIV304 Undertake emergency procedures in diving operations using SSBA
  • Elective: NAT11006004 Assess diving casualty and assist with first aid and treatment of diving illnesses and injuries 
  • Elective: SFIDIV303 Perform diving operations using SCUBA
  • Elective: SFIDIV305 Undertake emergency procedures in diving operations using SCUBA
  • Elective: NAT11006058 Use enriched air nitrox in occupational diving operations

Watch: bbc documentary on saturation diving

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