ADAS SSBA to 30M (Part 2)

ADAS SSBA to 30M (Part 2):

Course Overview:

The ADAS SSBA to 30M Part 2 Certificate is the next step in becoming a commercial diver, and builds upon the fundamentals learned in Part 1. This course is conducted over a 4 week period and introduces the use of Surface Supplied Breathing Apparatus (SSBA) as the basis for underwater construction activities and a wide variety of construction tools are introduced including the use of welding and cutting equipment, pneumatic and hydraulic tools, salvage equipment, air and water dredging equipment, construction tools and other work related subjects to meet on shore diving industry requirements.

Successful completion of this course results in the following Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification: Certificate IV in Hyperbaric Operations (Surface-supplied diving to 30m). National Qualification Code 10133NAT awarded by ADAS, RTO number 88104

More information regarding unit standard, course competencies & prerequisites can be found on the ADAS website: Click Here

Student Prerequisites:

  • Students participating must possess a Part 1 Certificate or approved equivalent .
  • Students are required to hold a Diver medic certificate OR a current first aid certificate. CPR and Oxygen resuscitation skills are required to be refreshed within 12 months prior to concluding in the course.
  • Students are required to hold a valid certificate of medical fitness to dive.
  • Basic Numeracy and Literacy is required. The ability to communicate and understand written and verbal communication. To be able to Add, Subtract, Multiply, Solve simple equations etc.

Job Opportunities:

At the Part 2 Level of Certification there are a number of industries in shortage of qualified divers. The opportunities on offer to a ADAS Part 2 graduate can include jobs in dredging, water jetting, ship surveying and repair work in harbours, hull cleaning, irrigation and water quality projects, employment with salvage and construction companies, aquaculture—including aquaculture development, infrastructure projects—draining, water quality, marinas. Along with all those previously mentioned in Part 1.

CDA Prides itself on its 100% Employment rate for 2018, and will help in any way it can to aid in the employment process of a graduated student.



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Individual Course Price (Part 2 Only): $7000 AUD

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