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ADAS Part One, Two & Three Diving Course

ADAS Scuba Diver (ADAS part one) entering the water

ADAS Part One (SCUBA to 30M)

ADAS Part One is a great option for scientific divers, however divers looking to expand into civil or aquaculture are reccomended to complete at least part two.

ADAS Part Two (SSBA to 50M)

ADAS Part Two commercial dive course introduces divers to the use of Surface Supplied Breathing Apparatus (SSBA) as the basis for underwater construction activities. It is a must have for onshore construction divers.

Surface Supply Diver with Chainsaw

ADAS Part Three (SSBA to 50M)

ADAS Part Three enables qualified Commercial divers to work offshore as well as operate a chamber therefore This commercial dive course is a must have for international or offshore work (IMCA recognised).

Not only is a part three diver more qualified than their part two equivalents, but they also receive fifty percent more training. Click on more information to learn about each commercial diving course.

ADAS Part Three Graduate Feedback

I really enjoyed my experience training at CDA, beauty point, Tasmania. The trainers and staff are friendly and very knowledgeable. The Commercial Diving courses are well put together with lots of hands-on experience. If you were considering this line of work, I would definitely consider undertaking the training here. The facility, equipment and training that is offered and available to students is nothing short of amazing. The Saturation barge is an experience within its self. I'd doubt you'd get this type of experience anywhere else in the southern hemisphere. I'd like to thank thank them for delivering a strong, realistic program for preparing students (us) for the industry. Many thanks and Cheers.

ADAS Part Four Closed Bell (Saturation) Diver

ADAS & IMCA Part Four Closed Bell and saturation divers graduating

ADAS Part Four (Closed Bell to 300M)

ADAS Part Four is the most advanced of all commercial diving courses and allows graduates to dive up to 300 Metres in a closed bell.

 It is a diving technique that allows divers to reduce the risk of decompression sickness when working at great depths for long periods of time. Closed bell diving involves working and living in a pressurised environment either on land or underwater.

ADAS Saturation Diver Feedback

"I have known and worked with the main instructors for over 16 yrs as a saturation diver, they have trained me my whole career and are by far the best in the industry. No other training centre has the facilities, courses and knowledge to get you where you want to be in the industry."

ADAS Diving Supervisor Courses

ADAS Onshore Dive Supervisor

A course for commercial divers who are looking to supervise safely and competently using either Scuba or SSBA. This commercial dive course is ADAS Recognised. 

CDA’s Supervisor course has been updated to reflect standards required by the oil majors internationally

The supervisor course is taught by Alan Strong, who has worked for Shell Oil, Mobil Exon, Diamond Offshore, SMIT and SVITZER salvage. 

 Price: $4,000 AUD

ADAS Offshore Dive Supervisor

This commercial dive course if the final step in the supervisor certification process for air supervisors and is an examination process only. The certification is IMCA and ADAS recognised and therefore accepted internationally by all the oil Majors.

 Price: $3,000 AUD

Commercial Diving Supervisor Feedback

"I’m part way through my trainee supervisors course. The one thing I was fearful about was the physics component. I’ve spent a lot of long nights trying to get my head around all the formulae needed. Today in a matter of hours I have had everything explained in such a way that I’m confident that I’ll pass. Best teachers teaching best practice. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else"

ADAS Recognised Prior Learning Dive Courses

ADAS Recognised Prior Learning (RPL - EC)

Recognised Prior learning Exceptional Circumstances is for students with over 5 years existing experience obtained through formal training, work experience and life experience. IMCA and ADAS recognised. 

This commercial dive course is great for companies who have divers needing formal certification. We have trained divers from Smit, Ardent, Mobil Exon and Shell in 2018

ADAS Recognised Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognised Prior learning Exceptional Circumstances is for students with over 5 years existing experience obtained through formal training, work experience and life experience. IMCA and ADAS recognised.

This commercial dive course is great for companies who have divers needing formal certification. We have trained divers from Smit, Ardent, Mobil Exon and Shell in 2018

Feedback from a recent RPL EC Graduate

"A 100% RECOMMEND!!! A good school for all who wish to start up or further their career in the Commercial Diving Industries. All the trainer in CDA obtain a high level of experience and competency in ensuring all the students understand the importance of Diving not only in getting you certified but making you understand the importance of SAFETY. CDA has help me further understand on many aspects which i lack of before i enter the commercial dive course, Thus they have now assisted me in many ways by doing it the right way in the safest way. Interesting, well managed and close to real word and life experiences.

Kudos & THUMBS UP to ALL Staff in CDA!!!

ADAS Industry Dive Courses

ADAS Diver Medic Technician (DMT)

The Diver Medic Technician certificate is offered for both offshore and onshore environments. ADAS and IMCA recognised. This is a must do course to work as a diver support or Diver medic.​

ADAS Life Support Technician (ALST & LST)

This program prepares individuals  to work as a part of a bell dive team or work with a saturation diving complex. ADAS and IMCA recognised. This is also offered as part of the closed bell training course.

Reccomended for Commercial Divers looking to make the jump into offshore work.

ADAS Closed Bell Saturation Divers
ADAS & IMCA Dive Chamber operator course

ADAS Chamber Operator

The Chamber operator course is a standalone program for divers or non-divers and is focused on the maintenance and operation of decompression chambers. All Part three divers will be trained as an ADAS chamber operator on course.

ADAS Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV)

Remote Operated Vehicle training (ROV) is to come in the middle of 2019. this will enable trainees to operate ROV’s succinctly. The ROV course is currently undergoing ADAS and IMCA compliance to become ADAS and IMCA approved in the near future.

ADAS Closed Bell Saturation Divers

Other ADAS Commercial Dive Courses


This commercial dive course is a restricted version of the Core ADAS Part 1 – Occupational Scuba to 30M – and involves students partaking in light work, surveying and sampling tasks. Ideally suited for scientific divers

ADAS part one Scuba to 30 M students

ADAS aquaculture (ssba to 30 metres)

The Aquaculture SSBA to 30 metre commercial dive course is specifically designed by the Australian seafood industry therefore if you want to work on a fish farm this is a great option and can progress into ADAS part two

Feedback from a recent Scientific Graduate

Great teachers, beautiful location, and super flexible to whatever your schedule is. I just did part one and it's highly recommended for environmental consultants and scientists.