ADAS Onshore Supervisor Courses:

Course Overview:

The onshore supervisor course covers activities and competencies required for the training and accreditation of dive supervisors who are required to supervise diving work safely and competently using either scuba to 30 metres, or surface supplied breathing equipment to depths down to 50 metres. There are four separate qualifications under the onshore supervisors qualification scheme, and a trainee certification:

  • Occupational Dive Supervisor to 30 Metres on air using SCUBA (Part One)
  • Aquaculture SSBA to 30 metres
  • Occupational Dive Supervisor to 30 metres on air using SSBA (Part Two)
  • Occupational Dive Supervisor to 50 metres on air using SSBA (Part Three)
  • Trainee onshore Supervisor to the level of training and certificate you hold.

This course results in the partial completion of the following Vocational Education and Training (VET)qualification: Diploma of Hyperbaric Operations (Diving supervision) National Qualification Code: 10181NAT.

Student Prerequisites:

  • Students must hold a commercial diving certificate that is to the level that you are attempting to gain your supervisor ticket in (This must be HSE or ADAS).
  • You must be recommended by your employer as being suitably mature, experienced and competent (there is a separate form letter for this that we will mail out on request).
  • Each level has a set number of logged SCUBA or SSBA dives and bottom time requirements that you must have logged over at least 12 months.

Job Opportunities

It is required in Australia and New Zealand that all occupational diving operations are supervised and trained in the type of diving operation being conducted and holding a current supervisors certificate and are therefore crucial in any onshore diving project. As a qualified ADAS onshore supervisor there are a range of opportunities that are available, ranging from Aquaculture (Fish farming), Aquarium work, Onshore Construction, etc. CDA Prides itself on its 100% Employment rate for 2018, and will help in any way it can to aid in the employment process of a graduated student.

RRP: $3,000 AUD - Please contact us to find out when our next course starts!

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