ADAS Part One, Two & Three Dive Course

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Commercial Diver using tools and chainsaw in the water
Commercial Diver and CDA owner Alan Strong using chainsaw in the water

Online Theory

With an ever-changing world, comes a need to innovate training methods. For 2021 CDA is offering online or in person theory training for all ADAS diving courses followed by in person practical training.

This means, you can cut down your time away from home on all our courses dramatically, and still receive the same high quality in person dive training CDA is known for.

Online Theory is offered for the following courses:

ADAS Part One and Two
ADAS Part Four
ADAS Onshore Supervisor
ADAS Offshore Supervisor

Student Outcomes

We pride ourselves in delivering an experience that is unrivalled by any competitors in the world. We are proud of our 100 percent employment rate following our courses and the glowing reviews students tend to give us.

We have no intentions on this slowing down and have maintained our perfect job placement rate even throughout the Covid pandemic

Online or in person Classes

 We have developed our online systems taking the best parts of online university courses and schools and believe that the experience offered will exceed anything any other dive school can offer. If you don’t like learning online and want to be in class face to face, you can jump into the course from day one with face to face lectures.

ADAS Part One and Two Theory Dates 2021

CDA will offer three theory dates for part one and two in 2021

ADAS Part One: January 18 – January 29 – Fully booked
ADAS Part Two: February 1 – February 5  – fully booked
Online Review: February 8 – February 11 – fully booked

ADAS Part One: May 10 – May 19
ADAS Part Two: May 20 – May 25
In person Exams and assesment: May 26 – May 28

ADAS Part One: 30 August – 8 September
ADAS Part Two: 9 September – 14 September
In person Exams and assesment: 15 September – 17 September

ADAS Part Three Theory

Due to the highly technical nature of part three diving, all three part theory courses will commence immediately after the completion of part two practical training.

ADAS Onshore Supervisor Theory

Our Onshore Diving Supervisor course theory will be online:

February 8 – 12
June 7 – June 11
September 27 – October 1

Practical Courses ADAS Part One - Three

All though there are only three Theory courses there will be six practical courses in 2021. three guaranteed courses and three courses that will open up if our waiting list is filled.

Practical Courses Onshore Supervisor

once theory is completed online, pick any week during an ADAS part one, two or three dive course and complete your practical training then.

ADAS Part One Divers in swimming pool

ADAS Part One and Two Practical Dates

Course 1:  Fully Booked
ADAS Part One: February 15 – March 1
ADAS Part Two: March 2 – March 24

Course 2:
ADAS Part One: March 1 – March 17

ADAS Part Two: March 18- April 1

Course 3:
ADAS Part One: 31 May – 16 June
ADAS Part Two: 17 June – July 5

Course 4:
ADAS Part One: September 20 – October 5
ADAS Part Two:  October 6 – 25 October

Course 5:
Due to demand this course is only part one, two and three students
ADAS Part One: 11 October – 26 October
ADAS Part Two: 27 October – November 16

ADAS & IMCA Part Three

Course 1 Limited spaces:
ADAS Part Three: April 7 – May 5

Course 2: Limited Spots:
ADAS Part Thre:d July 6 – August 2

Course 3:
ADAS Part Three: 17 November – 15 December

IMCA Commercial Diver using tools and hammer in the water
ADAS & IMCA Part Four Closed Bell and saturation divers graduating

ADAS & IMCA Part Four

One Saturation diving course in 2021 remaining.

September 13 – October 1st


Courses Run based on Demand. 

If you would like a course run for your company please contact us to organise this. These can be run with theory online.

ADAS & IMCA Dive Traners with there surface supplied diving graduates

CDA continues to pave the way for international accreditation of hyperbaric workers through the innovation of online dive training.