ADAS Recognised Prior Learning (PRL EC & RPL) Course:

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Course Overview & Importance of RPL:

ADAS understands that there are many competent divers out in the workforce who are not ADAS certified and functioning quite happily. Those divers, for whatever reason (e.g. to comply with the law regarding construction diving, to improve their employment chances, etc) may at some point decide that they want an ADAS certificate. These divers may have been diving for years and have hundreds of dives under their belt and maybe thousands of hours in the water. For these reasons, ADAS has developed a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) system which takes a divers previous training and experience into consideration.

Divers in these circumstances are not able to automatically receive an ADAS certification without going through the RPL process because:

ADAS has, in conjunction with its national industry advisors and its international partner certification organisations, put together a highly developed set of Diver Competence Standards. These standards cover all aspects of diver safety and basic procedures for each level of certification. ADAS is committed, through its agreements with its partners, to ensuring that each and every diver who receives an ADAS certificate has been assessed against those standards – whether by ADAS or one of its international partners.

There are a range of procedures in use throughout the industry, some good, some bad, some just different. ADAS is totally committed to ensuring that its standards are set at the level of world best practice and to continuously reviewing and improving those standards wherever possible. With a number of Accredited Training Establishments (ATEs) accredited to train ADAS divers, ADAS has developed a strict set of standard procedures which the ATEs must use to ensure consistency across the range of those schools. Every ADAS graduate should have the same set of base skills and knowledge for a given course. This is particularly important in the area of standby diver drills, diver rescue, and accident and emergency management. ADAS needs to ensure, for quality control, standardisation and liability reasons, that every diver that possesses an ADAS certificate has been assessed against this range of skills and knowledge.

ALL divers applying for ADAS certification MUST undertake a full practical and theory assessment of their skills and knowledge against the nominated ADAS Diver Competency Standards for that ADAS qualification. The only exception to this rule is for those divers crossing-over from an organisation with whom ADAS has a formal reciprocal recognition agreement (e.g. the UK Health and Safety Executive, the Diver Certification Board of Canada, etc). More information about crossing-over can be found on the International and Military Equivalents page of the website.

WHAT is RPL (Proper)

What is RPL Ec

Who is the course for?

Highly experienced construction divers who currently hold no accepted diving ticket! 

Student Pre-Requisites

To be eligible for The RPL and RPL EC course, you must demonstrate with verifiable evidence that you are qualified and experienced enough for recognition. minimum bottom time and
dive experience can be found here. You will need to complete
the excel sheet tabs 1, 2 and 3 that has been emailed to you.
Please note that we will need a sample of dive logs scanned
and copied to us before your acceptance.

To meet the AS/NZS 2299.1 and ADAS requirements anyone who joins a course at CDA, or any other ADAS school is required to have a current first aid, 02 provider and CPR certification.
in general if the card has first aid on it, and the course was about a day long. it is likely this will be accepted. though if you are not sure if your first aid ticket is accepted, you can contact us any time to find out.

Before we can allow anyone to dive, they must hold an occupational dive medical. I am sure you have AS/NZS 2299.1 memorised now, and you guessed right. your medical, needs to be in accordance with this standard.
Because of this, the doctor who assesses you for medical fitness is required to be trained in hyperbaric medicine and certified as an occupational diving doctor.

you can find dive doctors using the SPUMS website below

Units of Competency

  • please see our ADAS part one, two and three diving courses for a full list of all unit standards accomplished on our ADAS RPL diving course.

Watch: bbc documentary on saturation diving

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