percent Job placement Rate

280 +

Over 280 students in 2023


high earning graduates

Diver training in Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia

The only Dive Academy with 100 % job placement

Here at CDA we believe in making dreams a reality and we deliver on this through through our unrivalled job placement rate of underwater welders, saturation divers, underwater photographers, salvage divers, scientific divers and Aquaculture divers.

As far as we are aware we are the only dive academy that can boast a 100 percent job placement rate across all our diving courses.

The fastest pathway to becoming a commercial diver qualified to earn the big bucks, is by obtaining an ADAS Part 3 Certificate. CDA is currently offering a combo deal for its ADAS Part 1, 2 & 3 Courses when taken together. If this is of interest to you please contact CDA today as spots are limited

• Introduction to scuba and light tools
• Great choice for scientific divers
• Great choice for Media divers


•Price $8,500 AU

• Introduction to Surface Supplied Breathing Apparatus (SSBA)
• The base for underwater construction activities
• Great option for Aquaculture divers
•Underwater Welding

• Price $8,500 AUD

• Enables divers to work offshore
• Accepted by IMCA
• Must have for international and offshore work
• Crossover with HSE, INPP, DCBC, PSA, NDC
• Underwater Welding
• Price $14,000 AUD



By Completing our ADAS Course Package in 2023!

New to the Dive Scene and on $800 a day

“the first day after the Commercial Dive course ended. I was working and earning $800 a day.” 

“The Commercial Dive Academy will find you a job and they will work with you, as well as teach you to a higher standard than anyone else.”

Offshore Commercial Diver on an oil rig peforming a UWILD
Another day on the job for this diver

CLosed bell training

The Commercial Dive Academy is the only ADAS & IMCA certified dive school in the world able to conduct closed bell diver training known as saturation diving around the world. 

Spots are limited, do not hesitate to reserve your spot today.

Feedback from recent graduates

Scott Nieva


“Just finished my onshore dive supervisor course, great school, very good facilities and equipments, very professional tutors, highly recommended.”

Ross Fenwick


“Trained here for my part 1,2 and 3. The school has great equipment and facilities. Also excellent tutors, I would highly recommend for anyone wanting to become a commercial diver.”

Wills Brassil


“Great teachers, beautiful location, and super flexible to whatever your schedule is. I just did part one and it’s highly recommended for environmental consultants and scientists.”

Sebastion Nibali


“Had a great time getting my part 3 with CDA.
They have a great team and Put a 100% into making you the best diver you can be.”

Alex Aspin


I have known and worked with the main instructors for over 16 yrs as a saturation diver, they have trained me my whole career and are by far the best in the industry. No other training centre has the facilities, courses and knowledge to get you where you want to be in the industry.

Chris Topher


“Great facilities and equipment with very professional trainers and staff who are very helpful. It’s also a lovely part of the world there down at Beauty Point and even more so up at the pristine lake!”

CDA's 2024 ADAS Commercial Diving and Supervising Course dates are now online!