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New to the Dive Scene and on $800 a day

“the first day after the Commercial Dive course ended. I was working and earning $800 a day.” – Beau Hogan

“The Commercial Dive Academy will find you a job and they will work with you, as well as teach you to a higher standard than anyone else.”

Offshore Commercial Diver on an oil rig peforming a UWILD
Another day on the job for this diver


percent employment rate (2018/ 2019)


Planned Dive courses in 2020


high earning graduates

Scuba to 30 m (adas part one)

• Introduction to scuba and light tools
• Great choice for scientific divers

•Price $7,000

ssba to 30 m (adas part tWO)

• Introduction to Surface Supplied Breathing Apparatus (SSBA)
• The basic for underwater construction activities
• Great option for Aquaculture divers

• Price $7,000

ssba to 50 m (adas part tHREE)

Enables divers to work offshore
• Accepted by IMCA
• Must have for international and offshore work
• Crossover with HSE, INPP, DCBC, PSA, NDC

Price $11,000 ($7000 as a combo)

ADAS Combo Commercial Dive Course

Save :


Feedback from a recent CDA graduate

"I have just recently finished my ADAS Part 3 at the Commercial Dive Academy, one of the biggest things a noticed was that students even from Part 1 and 2 were being trained exactly as we would if we were working on an offshore and onshore worksite. I think this is a huge help for anyone who would be starting new into the industry or continuing, something I feel I missed out from previous training elsewhere. On top of the high quality of training and experienced staff I appreciated the help I was given to find work afterwards.

Thanks guys, I’ll be back for Part 4 one day


CDA'S 2020 course schedule

We have a lot of planned ADAS and IMCA Scuba, Surface Supply and Saturation Courses. As well as many Dive Supervisor, RPL and other specialty courses in 2020. If you are looking for an international recognised ADAS and IMCA certification then the Commercial Dive Academy is your best bet. CDA will offer you the highest level of training in Australia and the world.

January 6 – March 4th (Course Complete)

April 15th – June 12th

July 27th – September 18th (Fully Booked)

August 31th – October 23rd

September 28th – November 13th

March 5th – April 3rd

June 15th – July 10th

September 21st – October 16th (Fully Booked)

November 16th – December 17th

April 20th – May 15th (Placements Limited)

June 1st – June 25th (Fully booked)

July 20th – August 14th (Fully booked)

September 1st – September 25th (Fully booked)

September 28th – October 23rd (New course added to meet demand)

October 26th – November 20th (Placements Limited)

Michael Cook Diving Supervisor CDA

“I’m part way through my trainee supervisors course. The one thing I was fearful about was the physics component. I’ve spent a lot of long nights trying to get my head around all the formulae needed. Today in a matter of hours I have had everything explained in such a way that I’m confident that I’ll pass. Best teachers teaching best practice. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else.”

ADAS Commercial Diving Supervisor

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