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After completing his ADAS dive training, A Commercial Dive Academy student is now living his dream working on an oil rig in the gulf of Thailand. Our Commercial Dive Courses, prepare divers for the offshore Oil, Gas and Marine industry. you can Kick start your next career today!

A CDA profesional construction diver in thailand
A commercial dive academy student working in the gulf of Thailand on the Transocean Andaman jack up rig.


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Featured Course: ADAS Part One Two and three

APRIL combo discount: $4000 savings

Scuba to 30 m (adas part one)

The First level of Dive certification as a commercial Diver. Total Study Time of the dive course is 4 weeks. A great option for scientific divers and all divers looking to complete the core ADAS dive training, this course is SCUBA only (Internationally IMCA recognised).

ssba to 30 m (adas part 2)

The next step in your progression. This Commercial Dive Course introduces the use of SSBA as the basis for underwater construction activities, therefore it is a great option for onshore divers and an essential component of the core ADAS dive training (IMCA recognised). total length is 4 weeks.

ssba to 50 m (adas part 3)

The next progressive step from ADAS Part Two. This Commercial Dive course enables qualified divers to work offshore as well as operate a chamber internationally. This course is a must have for international and offshore work. CDA is the only school in Australia to offer IMCA approved SSBA to 50 M (ADAS part three )

What our students had to say

""I just completed my (ADAS) dive supervisor course. It was well worth it and practical. I will recommend this school to everyone."
"Amazing Staff! Great Set up and very helpful with everything. Highly recommend for and (ADAS) diving course."
"Best teachers, teaching best practice. Don't waste your time going anywhere else."
"Interesting, well managed and close to real world and life experiences.""

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ADAS Closed Bell (adas part 4)

The final step as a diver is the ability to work in a closed bell (saturation diving.) This course will allow you to work internationally in a closed bell. If you want to become a saturation diver and have experience as a commercial diver, this is the course to enhance your career and take you to the next step.

our 2019 course schedule

We have a lot of planned ADAS and IMCA Dive Courses, Supervisor Courses, RPL Courses. Saturation courses and more. If you are looking for international recognised ADAS and IMCA training, we can offer you the highest level of training in the southern hemisphere.

January 7 – March 1
April 1 – May 24
June 24 – August 17
September 16 – November 9

March 4- March 29
May 27 – June 22
August 19 – September 14
November 11 – December 6

January 28 – Febuary 8
April 1 – April 12
June 24 –  July 5
September 16 –  September 27

ADAS Part One


April 1st - April 26th

ADAS Part Two


April 29th - May 24th

ADAS Part THree


May 27th - june 22nd

ADAS Part 1,2 & 3 Combo


April 1st - June 22nd

ADAS Onshore Supervisor


April 1st - April 12th

Trainee Offshore Supervisor


April 8th - April 19th

Learn about all our Commercial Dive Courses

The career of a commercial diver is rewarding and exciting where often no two days are the same and above all – it pays well. However there are alot of possible courses to undertake to get your diver certification. on this next page you will find information on the core ADAS courses that we offer as well as others such as ROV training, Diver medic and more. 

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The Perfect Location

Located in the picturesque town of Beauty Point Tasmania. The Commercial Dive Academy has two main diving locations. Flinders wharf is where the shallow diving takes place. The deep water dives are operated from our lake Cethana site.

Commercial Diver Alan Strong with a chainsaw underwater

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“Diving is an investment of time and money, but the rewards can be life changing, literally.” – Andi Cummings

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