How To Renew your ADAS cert!

This guide will take you step by step on how to renew your ADAS certification.
A link to the application is at the bottom of the page.

Why do i need to renew my ADAS cert?

ADAS have made a commitment to achieving the worlds best practices in all ways regarding dive training. As such they have adopted a limited time certification period of five years.

This limited certification time ensures that diver and supervisor competency skills are reviewed every five years. The purpose of this review is to ensure divers and supervisors are current in their skills and abilities, which will ensure the safety of the teams they are working in.

This renewal process is part of the reason why ADAS is considered the gold standard of Commercial Dive training.

Please note that up skilling to a higher qualification also renews your ticket, so it might be worth looking into upgrading from ADAS part two, to ADAS part three.

CDA Courses

Learn about the many commercial Dive Academy Courses on offer here.


Learn about the Commercial Dive Academy and our vision here.

what does it cost?

ADAS charge a small fee for renewing your ADAS certificate.


The fees for courses that we teach at CDA can be found to the right.

Please note, only one fee is applied to the highest level of ticket you hold, as such you only pay one small fee, for example, an ADAS part three onshore supervisor will only pay $500 to renew all his ADAS tickets.

ADAS Part One

$300 + GST

ADAS Part two or ADAS part Three

$350 + GST

ADAS Part Four

$500 + GST

ADAS Onshore Supervisor

$350 + GST

ADAS Offshore Supervisor

$500 + GST

ADAS Offshore AIR + BELL SUpervisor

$600+ GST

Life Support Technician

$350+ GST

Diver Medic Technician

$150+ GST

What does a commercial diver do?

learn all about what an occupational diver is!

How to cross over to ADAS

hold a non ADAS ticket like HSE, no worries you can cross over

What do i need

Before commencing your your renewal application you will need to have the following

Passport or equivalent

you will need an electronic copy of your passport or a suitable equivalent.

Passport style photo

Yes you are allowed to smile on an ADAS certificate, so no need to look gloomy.

Have a payment method ready

ADAS accept Credit card, pay pal, cheque and online banking.


The online application takes 20 - 30 minutes to complete, and the form is not able to be saved, you should allow sufficient time and ensure that you have access to all your files to complete the process

Start your renewal

the link below is direct to the ADAS licence renewal form. if your ready, click below