Covid-19 Update


Commercial Diver using tools and chainsaw in the water
Commercial Diver and CDA owner Alan Strong using chainsaw in the water

To our Commercial Diving Community

Like the rest of Australia and New Zealand we are taking the Novel Coronavirus very seriously. Practical Training on site will be paused for the coming weeks or until Covid-19 shows signs of slowing down and it is safe to relax on social distancing a small bit.

Student Outcomes

We pride ourselves in delivering an experience that is unrivalled by any competitors in the world. We are proud of our 100 percent employment rate following our courses and the glowing reviews students tend to give us.

We have no intentions on letting Covid-19 slow us down and instead have found a way to futher innovate the Commercial Dive Training experience through online classes.

Online Classes

Starting April 20th we will be delivering theory online to enrolled students. We have developed our online systems taking the best parts of online university courses and schools and believe that the experience offered will exceed anything any other dive school can offer.

What Courses will be Online?

Like always, we offer a staggering number of courses for aspiring divers and underwater welders.

We will be offering the following courses online:

ADAS Part One

ADAS Part Two

ADAS Part Three

ADAS Part Four

ADAS Supervisor


ADAS Aquaculture

More Information

If you are interested in learning about how we have innovated our Commercial Diving courses and what this means for the future of our courses, please contact us!

CDA will continue to provide international accreditation for hyperbaric workers wanting to work offshore and on Oil rigs in this time