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ADAS Approved and IMCA Recognised Dive Courses

Commercial Dive Academy Courses

ADAS Part One (SCBUA to 30M)

Scuba to 30M

Scuba to 30M is the foundational course of our three part training series. during this level divers will utilise scuba with bailout cylinders, full face masks and communication equipment.

ADAS Part One is a great option for scientific divers, however divers looking to expand into civil or aquaculture are reccomended to complete at least part two.

your first commercial dives start here

4 weeks - 21 dives
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ADAS Part Two (SSBA to 30M)

SSBA to 30M

SSBA to 30 M is where your first steps as an air diver begin. No longer do you need to worry about your duration underwater and running out of air. Instead just focus on the task in front of you. This is your first chance to experience being an underwater welder or construction diver.

ADAS Part Two is a must have for onshore construction divers and is also a great choice for aspirational aquaculture divers.

Become a construction diver

4 Weeks - 25 Dives
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ADAS Part Three (Scuba to 50M)

SSBA to 50M

SSBA to 50 M is where the industry begins to become exciting. able to work offshore and internationally graduates can look to Oil Rigs, Salvage, Wind Farms for jobs.

This commercial dive course is a must have for international or offshore work (IMCA recognised). Not only is a part three diver more qualified than their part two equivalents, but they also receive fifty percent more training.

High Paying opportunities await

4 Weeks - 15 Dives
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