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The only Dive Academy with 100 % job placement

The Commercial Dive Academy is proud to have a 100 percent job placement rate once again in 2020. As far as we are aware, CDA is the only Commercial diving school in the world to be able to boast a 100 percent employment rate from day one. As Australia’s only Offshore diving and IMCA recognised school as well one of two saturation schools in the world this is no small feat.  

Each day prospective students contact us wondering how we seemingly manage to ensure our students are employed in high paying and successful roles. The purpose of this short blog is to shed some light on how CDA has an unrivalled employment rate as well as why. with three real and clear distinctions between CDA and any other training provider.

There is no trickery with this statistic, it is not 90 – 99.5 percent rounded up, every single student who has trained with CDA has been placed in to work following our course without exception, it is what we at CDA are most proud of and work incredibly hard to maintain. However, this is not a guarantee that future students will find work, though it is a guarantee we will continue to work with the industry to ensure our students are placed into work as there first choice and I can promise that if you train with us, we will help you find work as much as reasonably possible.

In this blog I will cover four factors that separate CDA from any other training provider both in Australia as well as the world. These are:

  1. Industry Relationships and Endorsement.
  2. The Highest Level Training.
  3. Student Relationships.
  4. Industry Allies not Rivals and competitors.


ADAS Part One Two and Three students and all into work!
ADAS Part One Two and Three students and all into work!

Industry Relationships and Endorsements

CDA’s owner and operator Alan started out his career in 1984 however he spent a number of years running one of the largest oil and gas servicing companies throughout ASIA, in this time many offshore companies including members of the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP invested large amounts of time and effort to ensure he had comprehensive knowledge on best practice in health, safety, the environment, security and work operations.

When Alan decided to step down from servicing the Oil industry to fulfill his lifelong dream of running one of the only saturation schools in the world, he was met with celebration from the IOGP and other large Oil companies. “Finally, a school that will do it right” and “anything you need to train to our level we will help you with” was a common theme he was met with, Members of the IOGP invested into the schools success, providing CDA with both a hyperbaric rescue centre (HRC) and gas reclaim unit for our saturation barge.

Today much of CDA’s operating equipment was sourced from Oil majors and members of the IOGP with the goal of training more divers at the level they require. Having these unique relationships with some of the largest players in the diving game has allowed our students to accelerate their careers and work opportunities within these organisations.

CDA not only work with the largest international players in the game but are continually cultivating relationships with 100’s of onshore operators. The onshore civil companies love CDA graduates, they know that they are trained at the worlds highest level (discussed further below) and so each week we receive phone calls from companies across all of Australia desperate to employ CDA divers.

All our courses are developed with feedback from many industry members and so reflect the needs and desires of the diving industry. Which is why we have the highest-level training on offer.

we have won contracts with many of the worlds largest organisations to train divers at all levels, These include the largest Salvage company in the world, the largest oil servicer in Asia and the middle east, Many IOGP companies as well as Universities and Australian Govt Agencies.

CDA is one of the most trusted schools not just in the southern hemisphere or Australia but the world.

What IOGP Members Said:

"Finally a School that will do it right"

The Highest Level Training on Offer

It is no secret that CDA is the only truly dedicated construction diving school in Australia, no other school has the capability to train construction divers deeper than 30 M within Australia however what is lesser known is that CDA is the only school in the world that is fully IMCA and IOGP compliant up to the saturation dive level.

All our training is conducted to the same level that is required by IMCA and ADAS whether that is the onshore dive courses or the offshore courses. This means that all our graduates regardless of training level, receive knowledge and experience that no other school can match. In fact, our part one diver (Scuba to 30M) will do there Chamber dive on our saturation barge and experience a true offshore saturation chamber.

This means CDA graduates of any level, Scuba, SSBA (Surface Supplied Breathing Apparatus), Saturation (Closed Bell) gain knowledge and experience that would take a typical diver years or decades to experience.

Student Relationships

CDA works with each student when they leave to aid them in the employment process, based on each student’s goals we place them in contact with like minded companies. Over 80 percent of CDA graduates will jump straight into the civil sector. This quickly accelerates the road to working offshore and making the big dollars.

We will work hard to continue our 100 percent job placement rate and are eager to see each student have a long and successful career beyond diving and into supervising and client rep positions.

Diversity of experience


Industry Allies not Rivals and competitors.

CDA does not and will not tender for any dive job in any way, we will not aid companies in work aside from helping students into roles with them. This means that no company in Australia or the world view us as in competition with them. There are many schools around the world who also act as commercial diving operators. The result of this is that their students are undesirable to there competitor firms. Would you hire a student trained by the company that stole a million-dollar contract from you? Probably not.

CDA works with the industry not against them.

CDA is an investment in your future!

Becoming a commercial diver is an expensive investment of time and money, $25,000 AU for a part one two and three (without the combo discount) and almost $30,000 for the part four course is a lot to outlay, yet CDA’s results speak for themselves.

As the only fully compliant IMCA and IOGP school in the world as well as the only offshore construction school in Australia it is no surprise that we have an unrivalled job placement rate for our graduates.

Why would you train with any other training provider when the quality of training and employment outcomes are not matched by any other school in the world.

We hope that the legacy of CDA isn’t that we trained great divers but that our students go on to have consistently great careers in diving and beyond.

If you are a past student reading this, please get in touch with us! We love hearing about the adventures you are on, if you are considering training with us give us a call any time or shoot us an email to discuss how we can help you start an exciting new career.

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