ADAS Restricted SSBA to 30M (Part 2R):

Course Overview:

The Restricted ADAS Part 2 Course is a progression from Part 1. Ideally suited for divers looking to add to their diver qualifications but do not require the construction aspect included in the full Part 2 course. 

Successful completion of this course results in the partial following Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification: Certificate IV in Hyperbaric Operations (Surface-supplied diving to 30m) National Qualification Code: 10133NAT awarded by ADAS, RTO number 88104

More information regarding unit standards, course competencies & prerequisites can be found on the ADAS website: Click Here

Student Prerequisites:

  • Students participating must posses a Part 1 Certificate or approved equivalent .
  • Students are required to hold a Diver medic certificate OR a current first aid certificate. CPR and Oxygen resuscitation skills are required to be refreshed within 12 months prior to concluding in the course.
  • Students are required to hold a valid certificate of medical fitness to dive.
  • Basic Numeracy and Literacy is required. The ability to communicate and understand written and verbal communication. To be able to Add, Subtract, Multiply, Solve simple equations etc.

Job Opportunities:

The Restricted Part 2 Certificate is designed to give you a fundamental understandings of the basic skills and requirements that will be needed to become a commercial diver. CDA’s Restricted Part 2 Certificate is the perfect starting point for any aspiring scientific diver. 

CDA Prides itself on its 100% Employment rate for 2018, and will help in any way it can to aid in the employment process of a graduated student.

RRP: $4,500 AUD - Please contact us to find out when our next course starts!

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